Lowe's Springfest Garden to Go Kits

Lowe’s SpringFest Garden to Go Kits

At The Grow Monster, we are always looking for opportunities to garden with the family. Throughout the month of April, Lowe’s is providing just that opportunity with their free Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 Garden-to-go KITS program sponsored by MiracleGro and Camp.

What is Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 giving away? Each week, Lowes is giving away a limited number of free Garden-to-go KITS to those who are able to register in time the prior week. Below are the registration dates along with the corresponding dates to pick up your Garden-to-go KIT at the store:

Garden-to-go KIT DescriptionRegistration Date Pickup Date
Miracle-Gro Planting Kit
Miracle-Gro Planting Kit
Thur. April 1st, 2021Thur. April 8th, 2021
Mystery Garden Pinata Kit
Mystery Garden Piñata Kit
Thur. April 8th, 2021Thur. April 15th, 2021
Tree Giveaway
Tree Giveaway
Thur. April 15th, 2021Thur. April 22nd, 2021
Butterfly Quest Kit
Butterfly Quest Kit
Thur. April 22nd, 2021Thur., April 29th 2021

How many is Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 giving away? When The Grow Monster called Lowe’s corporate, we were told that 60 kits will be available at each store.

How do you register for Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 April give away? Registration can only be done online and you will need to choose the store where you will be registering so that they can set your kit aside at that store when you come to pick it up. You can register here.

When do you register for Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 April give away? Although they don’t advertise it, you will want to register as early as possible as registration slots will run out for your store with only 60 sets available. It is basically first-come, first served. Therefore, set your alarm for 11:45pm each Wednesday night so you can be up by 12am on Thursday mornings during the month of April to ensure you are able to get registered for the following week.

How often do you register for Lowe’s SpringFest 2021? You must register each week in order to be eligible for Garden-to-Go KITS to be picked up the following week per the schedule above.

What if the registration for the Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 link doesn’t work? If the link doesn’t work, you are out-of-luck. The Grow Monster tried registering at a normal time early Thursday morning April 1st, and the link didn’t work. By the time it did work, the kits were all ‘sold out’. See our experience below.

When do you pick up the Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 Garden-to-go KITS at the store? Kits are to be picked up the following Thursday per the schedule above. At our store, kits were available for pickup between the hours of 5pm and 7pm..

Can you still pick up the Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 Garden-to-go KITS if you didn’t register? Yes, it is still possible ONLY IF the kits were not already picked up at the store by those who registered. Some people may totally forget between the time they registered and the day the kits are available to be picked up. You might be able to get away with picking them up later in the evening Thursday, or the days following so long as the kits are still available.

Where do you pick up the Lowe’s SpringFest 2021 Garden-to-go KITS? You must pick the kits up at the store you registered with. When you arrive, there will be an individual outside (assuming it is a nice day) near the garden center with a list of people who are registered to receive the kit. They will distribute the kits there.

What was The Grow Monster Experience with the Lowe’s Springfest Garden to Go Kits?

Week 1: Miracle-Gro Planting Kit

Miracle Gro Lowes Springfest Planting Kit
Week 1: Miracle Gro Planting Kit

We attempted to register here in the morning Thursday April 1st, and the link did not work. By the time the link did work, the registration was closed with a ‘sorry, sold out’. This is around 8:30am (EST) in the morning. We called the corporate office and was told they indeed had an issue with the site and to give the local store a call to have our names put on a list manually. When we called the local store service desk, they took our name, number, along with the number of kits we’d like (we said four – one for each kid). However, it really should be one per family if only sixty are available at any given store, but we had a feeling the lady at the service desk didn’t understand the promotion. Fast forward to the following Thursday. When we showed up the morning of Thursday April 8th, we were told that the give away will take place between 5pm and 7pm outside the store. We purchased our Scotts Spreader and bag of Weed-and-Feed, then went home. We showed up ten minutes before 5pm and the individual was already stationed outside distributing kits. About three kits have already been distributed from what we can tell by the highlighted names and it looked like a list of about 60 people were in fact registered at the location. So both registering and showing up early must pay off. We gave him our name to find that it was not on the list, so we didn’t receive a kit (wha-wha-wha). Though, the guy distributing the kits was gracious enough to let us get a picture to show what was included in the kit. It is a pretty good gift for those who register early.

Week 2: Mystery Garden Pinata Kit

Lowes Springfest Mystery Pinata
Week 2 Mystery Garden Pinata

When we attempted to register in the morning Thursday April 8th, the link worked but the registration was closed with ‘sorry, sold out’ (wha-wha-wha). At this point, we were starting to think this is a really big deal amongst the Lowe’s customer community as if there is a niche group of Lowes customer fans out there racing to get registered. Note to self: wake up Thursday morning at 12am EST and get registered next time.

Week 3: Tree Giveaway

We absolutely forgot to set the clock for this one and when we went to register around at 8am on the morning of April 15th: ‘sorry, sold out’. We weren’t really that interested in the sapling so it wasn’t a big deal that we missed it.

Week 4: Butterfly Quest Kit

Lowes Spring Fest Butterfly Quest Kit
Week 4: Butterfly Quest Kit

There was no way The Grow Monster was going to let this one slide by as Therese loves butterflies. We set the alarm for 11:45pm Wednesday night April 21st to ensure we were going to be awake to register Thursday at 12am, April 22nd. Sure enough, we were in luck and were able to register and received the confirmation email from Lowes almost immediately. Although they start distributing the kits at 5pm, Thursday April 29th, we were able to show up at about 4:50 pm to receive the kit as the person was already out with their clip board along with the kits. She verified that our name was on the list and handed us our kits. We’re excited to grow the milkweed and paint our butterfly box. If you need help germinating your seeds, check out our post on how to easily and quickly germinate seeds.


Need to Act Fast, Act Often! If you want to be part of this deal for a free gardening experience with the family, put every Wednesday in April at 11:45pm (EST) on your calendar (and wake-up alarm) to register. It is a race and -as we found out- is very competitive for those sixty kits. Which kits are you looking forward to getting? Which ones were you able to get, or would like to see Lowes provide in the future? Please leave us your comments 🙂 On your mark, get set, register!

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