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Living in the suburbs doesn’t mean you can’t have both a productive and beautiful garden. Take what you have and work from there. We aim to help you see that even the smallest suburban lot can produce ample fruits and vegetables for your family and even give some tips on how to get the kids involved!

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Photo of bowed out raised bed with words Garden Prep 8 Simple Factors to Consider When Repairing a Raised Garden Bed Structure

We, at The Grow Monster, have had our fair share of raised garden bed experiences over the years. Like any experience, we continue to...

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What is soil compaction and how to prevent it wording with a picture of a boot compacting the garden bed.

Like yourself, The Grow Monster has often asked why is it difficult to grow things in some parts of the garden over others? There...

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Plan raised garden beds for spring in the fall, photo with raised bed with leaves in it.

Whether it is business or gardening, it is important to let certain questions drive the planning process for raised garden beds. Managing a raised...

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Photo of Hydrangea bush with words How much sun do Hydrangeas need.

Hydrangeas are a great accent shrub and can also be a good focal point in your garden. These versatile plants are beautiful and need...

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