Photo of bowed out raised bed with words Garden Prep 8 Simple Factors to Consider When Repairing a Raised Garden Bed Structure

We, at The Grow Monster, have had our fair share of raised garden bed experiences over the years. Like any experience, we continue to learn with trials and errors. We’ve learned that in the garden, nothing stays the same. We’ve also learned that it is important to start planning your...

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What is soil compaction and how to prevent it wording with a picture of a boot compacting the garden bed.

Like yourself, The Grow Monster has often asked why is it difficult to grow things in some parts of the garden over others? There may be many reasons why an area of the garden proves to be difficult in growing certain plants. The typical reasons explored may include too much...

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Plan raised garden beds for spring in the fall, photo with raised bed with leaves in it.

Whether it is business or gardening, it is important to let certain questions drive the planning process for raised garden beds. Managing a raised garden bed is much like managing a business. When running a business, it is important to establish some kind of ‘plan’ in order for the business...

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7 Ways to Compost

Read a list of the pros and cons of the most popular ways to compost used in today’s suburban gardens:

  1. A Plain Ol’ ‘Compost Pile’
  2. Wire Mesh Compost Bins
  3. Wood / Composite / Vinyl Compost Bins
  4. Compost Tumbler Bins
  5. Garbage Can Compost Bins
  6. Vermiculture (worm) Bins
  7. The Hybrid Bins
Compost in raised garden bed.
Seeds germinating in plastic bottles.

Germinate Seeds Quickly& Easily

We have discovered that this could be done in a few easy steps using just a 2-liter soda pop bottle, paper towel, seeds to be germinated, and some water. Follow this step-by-step guide with photos and you’ll be germinating your own seeds quickly and easily in no time!

Worth It?

We at The Grow Monster have realized the following four tips that will help you save money growing your own fruits and vegetables and make growing your own fruits and vegetables ‘worth it’ :

  • Tip 1: grow fruits and vegetables you enjoy and are healthy for you
  • Tip 2: grow fruits and vegetables with a plan for preparation and storage
  • Tip 3: grow fruits and vegetables that can be grown well in your agricultural zone
  • Tip 4: grow fruits and vegetables that are expensive at the store
Is Growing Your Own Vegetables Worth It?


Your Gardening Questions Answered!

Yes, you can make compost in a garbage can! What is important with the garbage can composting bins are the holes. You will want to have enough holes to promote good air flow to feed the composting reaction, but not to have so many holes that the moisture is lost. With garbage can compost bins, make sure to include at least one hole at the bottom. Read this article about composting.

To determine what agricultural plant hardiness zone you live in, you can visit the USDA website here.

While it can be difficult, it is not impossible to transplant a sunflower. Read our article here for a step by step guide explaining how to transplant sunflowers.

Most Roses are edible. Article coming soon!

Article Coming soon!